2329 Crescent Way,
Abbotsford, BC
Canada V2S 3M1

Phone: 604.853.0966
Fax: 604.853.0951

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Facility Specs

The best thing about our facility is the combination of staff technical know-how, community spirit and terrific equipment that brings your ideas to life. 


The 3,150 sq. ft. banquet hall that serves as our Community Arts Addition seats 260 and provides a kitchen and bar serving area. The large capacity refrigeration unit makes it perfect for supporting big events. Round and rectangular tables are available, as well as folding chairs, dimmable lighting and other kitchen amenities. For presentation purposes, we also offer:

  • 9’ Projection Screen
  • 6 Pieces of 4’x 8’ Staging (24” high)
  • 4 Decorative Light Standards
  • 4 Decorative Greek-style columns

In conjunction with theatre bookings, the Community Arts Addition can also serve as a holding area for large productions, concession area - or an unbelievably convenient cast party location!


The Abbotsford Arts Centre Theatre is a proscenium stage boasting black maple hardwood. Wenger riser platforms are available; along with standard tables, chairs, skirting, music stands and a piano: Yamaha C-7 Grand. The theatre is equipped with a 20 foot scissor lift and pretty good wing space. It offers a complete counter weight fly system with 45 foot fly tower; cyclorama on aluminum sub fame; and full lighting and sound systems consistent with other professional theatres which support great productions nation-wide. 

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